Professional Diver Training

Turn your passion for diving into your life-long career.

​NAUI Dive Master


NAUI Divemaster is an entry-level certification for leadership.

The goal of this course is to train experienced and knowledgeable divers to organize and conduct pleasant open-water diving for certified divers.

18 years of age or older with at least 60 recorded open-water dives for 30 hours or more
And have the following NAUI certificate: NAUI FIT course, NAUI professional diving first aids, NAUI Nitrox Diver

The duties of a Divemaster:
1. Assistant to all NAUI recreational diving courses
2. Can lead a registered diver to a dive site where the divemaster is trained
3. Eligible to conduct NAUI certification courses

4. Sign up for NAUI Instructor Training 


dive master


SSI Dive Master recognizes the knowledge and training necessary to perform the duties. These responsibilities include assisting SSI instructors with entry-level and follow-up diving education.

18 years of age or older with at least 60 recorded open-water dives for 40 hours or more
And have the following SSI certificate: professional diving guide, diving science

In addition to performing the duties of a diving guide, the divers can:
1. Assist to all SSI leisure diving courses
2. Lead no more than two students on a diving tour during open water training dives.
3. Be qualified as a training specialist in SSI's eco-professional courses.

4. Sign up for the SSI Instructor Training



This course guarantees NAUI members to receive sufficient knowledge, skills, suitability and right attitude to serve as NAUI instructors. Qualified NAUI instructors are eligible to teach NAUI courses and certification students independently

Currently certified as an assistant coach of NAUI, nauI diver, head of other institutions, or a graduate of the NAUI FIT program.
Hold a valid NAUI diving professional first aids certification or equivalent.
Hold a valid NAUI Oxygen First Aid Certification or equivalent.
Certified or equivalent for NAUI Nitrox divers.
A minimum of 60 open-water scuba dives and a minimum of 30 hours of underwater time should be performed. Diving should be in different environments, depths and activities.
At least 6 months of diving experience.
Instructor candidates must pass the NAUI pre-qualification exam in advance to start THE ITC. 








其他機構的潛水長 Dive Master 或同等級