Freediving Course

Experience the enchantment of the sea using only your fin kicks and a single breath.

Immerse yourself into a personal challenge, be suspended in exhilarating action, or settle into the calm and peaceful rhythms of the ocean. Whichever experience you seek, SSI will prepare you for the "Ultimate Freediving Experience"!

Course Content


SSI Freediving Course Level 1

Explore your abilities as a free diver and experience the underwater world at an unprecedented speed! This freediving course provide you skills, safety and problem management, allowing you to enjoy the underwater world comfortably and improve your apnea skills.


Age 12 or above. Physical condition suitable for diving.

Course Content

Basic physics and physiology of free diving | Basic safety of apnea diving | Proper breathing techniques for free diving and snorkeling | Equalizing for deep diving | Master open water skills for free diving to a specific depth

Course Duration

Level 1: 5-hour academic sessions + 1.5 day in-water training

Course Fee


SSI Pool Freediving Course

The pool free diving course will be held in indoor heated swimming pool, suitable for students who prefer to train in the pool/shallow water during winter season. This course will teach you the freediving skills, safety and problem management which take place in a water depth of 5 meters.


Age 12 or above. Physical condition suitable for diving.

Course Content

Basic physics and physiology of free diving | Basic safety of apnea diving | Proper breathing techniques for free diving and snorkeling 

Course Duration

Level 1: 5-hour academic sessions + 3-hour  in-water training

Course Fee


SSI Free Diving Training Technique

The way to continuously improve and advance your freediving skills even when there is no open water! This course will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, improve your carbon dioxide tolerance to a higher level and deal with discomfort caused by lactic acid buildup, and develop a personalized training plan to improve your freediving performance. Increase your hold time by increasing efficiency and learning professional tips and tricks, and make you freediving more relaxed and confident.



12 years old or above

Hold an SSI Pool Freediving course certification level or equivalent

Course Content

Explanation of various training charts and design of personal training charts | ​Static apnea training charts | Dynamic walking apnea training charts | Professional tips and tricks to increase breath holding time | Buddy system practice

Course Duration

2-hour theory + 3-hour in-water training

Course Fee


SSI Freediving Regular Training

Freediving is a constant and sustained practice that allows the diver's body to maintain and improve the breath hold time, depth and technique. This course provides venue for students and buddies to push their limits in a safe environment. Professional freediving instructors will be on site to provide effective guidance and assistance.


18 years old or above certified freediver from any recognised organisation.

Course Content

Provide professional guidance and assistance to freedivers to practice skills and boost confidence.

Course Duration

4 lessons (2 hours/lesson) at indoor pool

Course Free


SSI Try Freediving

Wondering what freediving is? This course will provide a hands-on underwater experience, exploring your abilities as a freediver and experiencing the underwater world faster than ever!


10 years old or above, fit to free dive.

Course Content

Mainly to bring students a pleasant and safe free diving experience.

Course Duration

2-hour at indoor pool

Course Fee



Application Flow

Please fill in this form OR Whatsapp us directly to apply for our courses.

Upon receiving your form or message, we will reply you within a day (we could be diving so give us time to resurface!)

Once the course fee is settled, we will officially proceed to the training! Can't wait, right?

1-stop Training Centre

Managed by SSI Instructor Trainer. Qualified to teach beginners, advanced divers, various specialties, dive guides, instructor training, technical diving, free diving, etc.

Digital System

Textbooks, underwater skills videos, dive logs, dive sites, buddy records, certification cards, etc. are all contained in your MySSI APP. Easy and convenient!

360-degree Support

Host professional guided fun dives every week for divers to gain real-life experience. 

Flexible Schedule

Classes open even for 1 person! No fixed timetable - fully accommodate your availability.


I am already a certified scuba diver, can I skip to Level 2 in the freediving course?

Apart from the body's response to underwater pressure, scuba diving and free diving are basically completely different sports. Free diving is to use the oxygen in your body to dive to a water depth without the aid of a gas cylinder and buoyancy compensator. Scuba divers will not be particularly good at free diving when two diving sports are significantly different from equipment, physiology to even fin kicking technique.

Do I need to know how to swim in order to enroll into your freediving courses?


​Yes! Each student must be able to swim 300 meters without equipment and assistance. Learn and practice if you cannot achieve this right now. Learning swimming is worth your time and effort!


​I can only hold my breath for 30 seconds, can I learn free diving?

Our course will teach students how to hold their breath longer and consume less oxygen during diving. Don't worry! We humans are not used to holding our breath, because we all live on land! But with the right skills and practice, we will be able to stay underwater longer and longer.

Feel free to whatsapp us if you have more questions!