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diving hk 香港潛水課程 fun dive SSI

Dive to find...

Experience the world differently.

Every breath counts.

About Us
diving hk 香港潛水課程 fun dive SSI

About Us

Each diving cylinder  is approximately filled at 200 bar, and this 200 bar pressurized gas allows us to plunge into a life-changing journey exploring the oceans that vastly occupy 70.8% of  our Blue Planet.

Scuba Diving Course

We offer a full range of diving courses including Try Scuba Dive, Open Water Diver, Deep Diving, Nitrox Diving, Dive Master and Diving Instructor.

diving hk 香港初級潛水課程 fun dive SSI

These Internationally recognized diving certification courses are your first step of scuba diving. Depth limited 18 meters.

diving hk 香港潛水課程 fun dive SSI

Are you ready to tune up your diving skills and confidence? Become a advanced open water diver will allow diving deeper than 18 meters.

diving hk 香港潛水教練 fun dive SSI

Turn your passion for diving into a life-long career. This program will lead you through the career path of a diving professional.

Image by Jakob Boman

Experience the sea with a lung of air. Learn to free dive to the depth of 20 meters.

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Fun Dive

Fun boat diving is available all year round. We offer fun dives at dive sites located at Eastern and Southern Hong Kong areas which have significantly different marine environments and diversity awaiting your exploration. We also host regular underwater cleaning activities. We hope to encourage everyone to acquaint and protect Hong Kong ocean together.

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“I only heard of PADI before I learned Diving...At the end, I picked SSI because their APP provides online tutorial and diving skill videos, it also let us to record my dive logs and dive buddies!”

Chan Cho​

International Diving Certification

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SSI (Scuba Schools International) has provided training, dive certification and education resources to divers, dive instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world for more than 45 years. Founded in 1970, SSI has become the second major diving certification company and has rapidly expanded throughout the world ever since.


Willian G
Chief Instructor of dive to find / SSI Instructor Trainer

During the 15-year teaching journey, I've witnessed many "births" of diving instructors. Being the one to assist them in pursuing their dreams has kept me going like a endless catalyst of life.

SSI diving instructor.jpeg

Cherri Lia,
Founder of dive to find / SSI Instructor

Becoming a diving instructor has given me more opportunities to let more people know about Hong Kong’s oceans, fall in love with it, and then protect it!


Anthony Y
SSI Instructor

The most important things in learning diving? Safety, ethics and FUN!

diving instructor hk1.jpeg

Aden L 
SSI Instructor

Hello! I am a post-90s who love water sports. I firmly believe in YOLO, and hope to create endless fun from the sea with everyone!

ma leung pro pic.jpg

Ma Leung
SSI Freediving Instructor

I enjoy every moment of teaching freediving. The everyday progress of the students is the motivation to open my eyes every morning!

Who we are

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