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Dive to find...

Experience the world differently.

Every breath counts.

About Us
diving hk 香港潛水課程 fun dive SSI

About Us

Every diver looks for their own answer in the underwater world, some find the tranquility in the deep, some find the love of nature, and some find the feeling of freedom. And what do you dive to find? We will help you embark on a life-changing journey, finding your answer in the every encounter of the underwater wonders.

Our Course

We offer a full range of freediving, scuba diving and mermaid courses - from trial, beginner teaching, advanced training to instructor course.

freediving course hk.JPG

Experience the sea with a lung of air. Learn to free dive to the depth of 20 meters max. Anyone with or without dive experience is welcome to join.

advanced freediver.jpg

Free diving is a life-long journey. In-depth study and training will make you a competent free diver.

diving hk 香港初級潛水課程 fun dive SSI

These Internationally recognized diving certification courses are your first step of scuba diving. Depth limited 18 meters.

diving hk 香港潛水課程 fun dive SSI

Are you ready to tune up your diving skills and confidence? Become a advanced open water diver will allow diving deeper than 18 meters.

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Overseas Dive

Together with our overseas team, we provide local divers with a series of underwater courses and personalized fun dives in Okinawa, Japan.

Okinawa, which has a subtropical climate, is surrounded by East China Sea and Pacific Ocean. This island has its unique culture and breathtaking underwater scenery. Let's go dive to find LIFE!

Oversea Dive Course

Open Water Diver Referral Course - Theory and Pool session in Hong Kong, Okinawa for the open water training. Get certified on this sunshine east-meets-west island! 

Okinawa Fun Dive

Let us lead you into the famous Blue Cave, dive with colorful coral fish, and discover unforgettable underwater sceneries of the island.

Ocean Mermaid & Photography

Become a mermaid in the crystal-clear Okinawa sea and take part in an amazing underwater photography session. 

hk diving instructor.jpeg

Willian G
Chief Instructor of dive to find / SSI Instructor Trainer

During the 15-year teaching journey, I've witnessed many "births" of diving instructors. Being the one to assist them in pursuing their dreams has kept me going like a endless catalyst of life.

SSI diving instructor.jpeg

Cherri Lia,
Founder of dive to find / SSI Instructor

Becoming a diving and mermaid instructor has given me more opportunities to let more people know about Hong Kong’s oceans, fall in love with it, and then protect it!

ma leung pro pic.jpg

Ma Leung
SSI Freediving Instructor

I enjoy every moment of teaching freediving. The everyday progress of the students is the motivation to open my eyes every morning!

diving instructor hk1.jpeg

Aden L 
SSI Instructor

Hello! I am a post-90s who love water sports. I firmly believe in YOLO, and hope to create endless fun from the sea with everyone!

Who we are

International Certification

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SSI (Scuba Schools International) has provided training, dive certification and education resources to divers, dive instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world for more than 45 years. Founded in 1970, SSI has become the second major diving certification company and has rapidly expanded throughout the world ever since.

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