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Professional Diving Course

Turn the love of diving into a lifelong career and lead people to explore the underwater world.

Is it your dream to dive around the world? Becoming an SSI diving instructor will give you the opportunity to dive all over the world, earning living expenses while having a broad view. Getting a diving license is no longer just for hobbies, but for you to jump out of the comfort zone and experience different life qualifications. After becoming an SSI diving instructor, you can match diving centers around the world on the SSI international recruitment platform to start a new journey in your life.

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SSI Dive Guide / Dive Master

This program gives you the skills and experience required to safely lead groups of certified divers, and is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Professional without requiring you to complete an instructor program. 



Age 18 or above, with 40 logged dives and certification or equivalent experience: Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Deep Diving, Diver Stress & Rescue certification. 


Course Content

Responsibilities and goals of Dive Guides | Dive planning, evaluation and briefing | Pre-dive management, leading a dive, post-dive briefings | Emergency management, rescue and searching, follow-up handling

Course Duration

10 theory sessions + APP learning  + 11 sessions of in-water intensive training

Course Fee



SSI Instructor

SSI Diving Instructor Training

This program provides the skills, concepts, and teaching experience required to become a successful SSI Instructor. You will learn the SSI Teaching System and philosophy, how to assist Instructors in training and how to independently teach a variety of SSI training programs.


Age 18 or above, with 75 logged dives

Certified SSI Assistant Instructor


Course Content

SSI system | Responsibilities of diving professionals | Course administration work | How to teach subjects and underwater training | Teaching assistant training | Specialty diving teaching

Course Duration

In-person theory lessons + e-learning  + min. 9-day intensive training

Course Fee

Please contact us for details​

The Professional Path

Diving experience and specialty requirement for each level progress along the PRO journey. 

SSI Pro Path diving instructor.webp

Application Flow

Please fill in this form OR Whatsapp us directly to apply for our courses.

Upon receiving your form or message, we will reply you within a day (we could be diving so give us time to resurface!)

Once the course fee is settled, we will officially proceed to the training! Can't wait, right?

Why dive to find?


Is your SSI Instructor Certification globally recognised?

100% YES! Becoming an SSI Instructor will help you find job opportunities at SSI Dive Centers around the world.

Click here to jump to the SSI Dive Center Map.

Why should I choose to be SSI diving instructor?

In addition to the world-class recognition of SSI (especially in Europe and Southeast Asia), diving professionals need to process quite an amount of documents for their students (such as liability form, privacy policy statements, training records, etc.). Adequate technical support and backend operations are important considerations. The strength of SSI goes to their all-rounded digital teaching, e-logbook and certification system, which allow the professionals to focus on teaching, rather than admin work.

This is a blog to explain the difference between the 3 most popular organisations in Hong Kong as a whole.

The Million Dollar Question: What is the difference between PADI, NAUI and SSI?



How to find a job as a diving instructor?

SSI's intranet has provided a platform for more than 2,500 SSI centers to post their job vacancies. You can select the location/language and other requirements in the filter, and find the most suitable job with a click!

Feel free to whatsapp us if you have more questions!

SSI Dive Centre Map

The SSI Intranet provides a platform for SSI Diving Centers and Resorts to post their job opening, just one click to apply!

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SSI Dive Centr
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