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單對單游泳課程swimming hk course

1 on 1 Adult Swimming

A skill for life and a key to the door of oceans

Our swimming classes are individually taught classes that provide high degree of attention and effectiveness. Lessons will be tailor made for each student according to their ability, interest and personal goals.

Course Content

Year Round Adult Swimming Class

It's never too late to learn how to swim! If you know how to swim, you will be able to fully experience the infinite fun of water sports and underwater activities! We only provide "one-on-one" swimming lessons which are fully customized for students to meet their personal goals, interests and abilities. The location and schedule are also up to you!



Every one with or without swimming experience

Location & Schedule

You make the call!


Course Content

  • Learn basic skills from scratch at personal pace

  • A crash course for meeting the minimum swimming requirements for scuba diving/freediving

  • Improve your swimming skills one-on-one

  • Try a new swimming style you want to learn

Course Duration

1 hour / lesson

Course Fee

HK$1400 / 4 lessons


Application Flow

Upon receiving, we will contact you within a day. If you are applying for SSI, you may download MySSI APP to view the first 3 chapters of Open Water Diver Course.

Once the course fee is settled, we will officially proceed to the training! Can't wait, right?

Why us?


I want to learn diving but don't know how to swim, do you have swimming classes?

​Yes! If you are learning to swim because you want to learn to dive, please let us know. Our swim instructors are also diving instructors and will know exactly what you need.

Do you only have one-on-one classes? Is it okay if I have friends in the class?

Of course! Although one-on-one lessons will make your learning progress faster, having a buddy will also make you more persistent and have more fun!

Feel free to whatsapp us if you have more questions!

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