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Sustainable Spearfishing Course

Is a self-supply life the life you yearn for? Fishing under the sea is the most primitive survival skill of mankind.

We have set an annual licensing limit for this course, so as to train responsible spearfishers on the premise of sustainability. This course is taught by an approved spear gun instructor.

Course Content


SSI Spearfishing Safety & Training

Fishing under the sea is a survival skill of humans since ancient times, and without leaving ghost gears, it is a more sustainable fishing method than commercial fishing. The objective of this course is to turn students into professional divers who are responsible and capable of fishing with spear guns.


Age above 18, with no criminal record and no medical history which suggests an inability to handle firearms
Certified SSI Advanced Adventurer / Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW) or SSI Free Diving Level 1 or equivalent qualifications
Record of 24 verified dive logs


Course Content

Safety Rules for Spearfishing | Equipment and Technique | Identifying Most Desired Fish | Importance of Sustainable Fishing

Course Duration

3-hour academic sessions + 1 day in-water training

Course Fee


​(only candidates who can demonstrate perfect buoyancy and high level of autonomy of scuba diving on the training day can receive our recommendation letter for spear-gun ownership application.)


Application Flow

Please fill in this form OR Whatsapp us directly to apply for our courses.

Upon receiving your form or message, we will reply you within a day (we could be diving so give us time to resurface!)

Once the course fee is settled, we will officially proceed to the training! Can't wait, right?

1-stop Training Centre

Managed by SSI Instructor Trainer. Qualified to teach beginners, advanced divers, various specialties, dive guides, instructor training, technical diving, free diving, etc.

360-degree Support

Host professional guided fun dives every week for divers to gain real-life experience. 

Digital System

Textbooks, underwater skills videos, dive logs, dive sites, buddy records, certification cards, etc. are all contained in your MySSI APP. Easy and convenient!

Flexible Schedule

Classes open even for 1 person! No fixed timetable - fully accommodate  your availability.


I only have a free diving license, can I enroll in this spearfishing course?

Yes. But, if you want to apply speargun ownership from Hong Kong Police Force, you must be an advanced scuba diver. This requirement is set by HK Police Force to ensure that those who possess spear guns are competent enough to use speargun underwater. For safety reasons, freedivers cannot apply for speargun ownership without advanced scuba diving licenses in Hong Kong.

 I am only certifed as Open Water Diver, can I take this course?

Yes, and have at least 15 verified dive logs. Also, if you want to apply speargun ownership from Hong Kong Police Force, you must be an advanced scuba diver.

My spearfishing friends do not have any license, why should I get one?

We teach spearfishing in a legal and professional way. Our instructor is verified Spearfishing instructor by Hong Kong Police Force, who is eligible to issue recommendation letters to students for speargun ownership application. We hope that everyone conducts underwater activities with a safe and responsible attitude.

Any other cost apart from the course fee?

Underwater spearfishing requires a high degree of autonomy under the sea, so it is very important to have your own equipment. We encourage students to use their own gear for class but still offer rental service with an additional HK$200 fee. In addition, the possession of spear guns requires an annual fee paid directly to Hong Kong Police Force.

Feel free to whatsapp us if you have more questions!

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