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Beginner Diving Course

The first step of the journey of scuba diving

SSI Open Water Diver Course

初級潛水課程diving hk
初級潛水課程diving hk

SSI (Scuba Schools International) was established in 1970 and is internationally recognized. This open water diving course is the first certification to start the diving journey which allows you to dive safely and professionally to a limit depth of no more than 18 meters. All SSI courses can be e-learned permanently, and there is no additional charge.



Age 10 or above (to 12m depth)

Age 12 or above (to 18m depth)


Course Content

  • Your body and aquatic environment

  • Use life support equipment underwater

  • Breathing gas and its effect on the body

  • Diving partners and the value of performing diving

  • Ocean and diving opportunities

  • Your diving experience and more

初級潛水課程diving hk
初級潛水課程diving hk
初級潛水課程diving hk

Course Duration

6-hour academic session + APP learning + 2.5 days in-water training

Course Fee

HK$4200 (2 people $4100/p, 4 people $3900/p)

- Installment Plan: 1st payment upon application,2nd before in-water training

- No additional cost for English speaking

初級潛水課程diving hk

​Price includes

  • Diving instructor fee

  • e-learning application

  • Gear rental

  • Gas cylinders

  • C-Card application fee

  • Online dive log

  • Online diving skills video