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Diving Course for Kids

The future open water divers set off here!

SSI Scuba Rangers Course

初級潛水課程diving hk
初級潛水課程diving hk

Want to introduce your kids to recreational scuba diving? Our scuba diving course for kids adopts the SSI Scuba Rangers course as the teaching framework, and allow the kids to learn diving skills and marine knowledge through fun interactive games. The learning content of each class will be tailored to the children's progress. A graduation celebration will be held at the end of the season. Every little Scuba Ranger will demonstrate various diving skills and receive a certificate underwater. Welcome friends and relatives to witness underwater!



Age 8 - 12 

In healthy condition for diving

Maximum depth : 5m
Instruction to student ratio: 1:4
Venue: Whampao Swimming Pool

​Course timetable: July - August


Course Content

Learn snorkeling, scuba diving, diving equipment knowledge and skills through interactive games, a total of five SSI Scuba Ranger levels
Learn about marine life and underwater ecology, and how to care for the beautiful ocean.
After completing the five SSI Diving Ranger levels, Scuba Rangers may continue to learn diving skills according to the children’s abilities and interests, such as
• Underwater photography (using go pro)
• Underwater navigation (using the compass)
• Underwater search
• Marine ecology and biometrics

初級潛水課程diving hk
初級潛水課程diving hk
初級潛水課程diving hk

Course Duration

5 lessons, 3 hours per lesson

Course Fee


4 people $4400/p

初級潛水課程diving hk

​Price includes

  • Diving instructor fee

  • Gear rental

  • Gas cylinders

  • SSI Scuba Rangers Certification after completing 5 levels

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