About Us


The Ocean is Our Way of Life.

Our blue planet's surface is 70.8% water and 29.2% land. Every scuba diving cylinder has approximately 200 bar pressurized air to allow us to stay under water, and this valuable time we are given is called Dive Time.

We are here to amaze you with the underwater world during every short but life-changing Dive Time.


Professional scuba diving knowledge and skills

​We exist to allow more people to understand and appreciate the extraordinary underwater world in a genuinely experiential way.


Our main teaching approach is based on 3 key pillars:

Experience derived confidence

Respect and passion for the Ocean


Dive right into the underwater world with us.

Our team offers NAUI and SSI diving courses locally in Hong Kong, from Try Scuba Diving, Open Water Diver course, Advanced Open Water Diver course, Diving Master training to Diving Instructor training..

​Why Dive with Us?

  • The Team

    More than 10 years experience

    Managed by Course Director

    Successfully trained numerous diving instructors

  • Private Dive Site

    Located next to the sea

    Theory and in-water training can be conducted on the same day

    Higher learning efficiency and effectiveness

  • Small Class Size

    Privately-owned boat. Small class size with more attention to each student. 

  • Personalised Class

    Flexible schedule. Flexible class size. Minimum class size = 1 student.