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About Us

You Learn = Ocean Earns!

Our blue planet's surface is 70.8% water and 29.2% land. Every scuba diving cylinder has approximately 200 bar pressurized air to allow us to stay under water, and this valuable time we are given is called Dive Time.

We are here to amaze you with the underwater world during every short but life-changing Dive Time.



Professional scuba diving knowledge and skills


Experience derived confidence


Respect and passion for the Ocean

Dive right into the underwater world with us.

Our team offers SSI free dive, scuba dive and mermaid courses locally in Hong Kong and overseas., from trial, beginner teaching, advanced training to instructor courses.

hk diving instructor.jpeg

Willian G
Chief Instructor of dive to find / SSI Instructor Trainer

During the 15-year teaching journey, I've witnessed many "births" of diving instructors. Being the one to assist them in pursuing their dreams has kept me going like a endless catalyst of life.

SSI diving instructor.jpeg

Cherri Lia,
Founder of dive to find / SSI Instructor

Becoming a diving instructor has given me more opportunities to let more people know about Hong Kong’s oceans, fall in love with it, and then protect it!

ma leung pro pic.jpg

Ma Leung
SSI Freediving Instructor

I enjoy every moment of teaching swimming and scuba diving. The everyday progress of the students is the motivation to open my eyes every morning!

diving instructor hk1.jpeg

Aden L 
SSI Instructor

Hello! I am a post-90s who love water sports. I firmly believe in YOLO, and hope to create endless fun from the sea with everyone!

​Why Dive with Us?

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