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Slippy 潛水衣潤滑劑 (150g) 是一種用於水性潤滑劑的粉末濃縮物。它是低過敏性、無毒且易於使用的。 Slippy 具有溫和的味道和氣味。


Slippy 用於穿脫自由潛水衣。 150 克 可製作 16 升潛水衣潤滑劑。


Slippy Wetsuit Lube (150g) is a powder concentrate for a water based lubricant.  It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and easy to use.  Slippy has a benign taste and smell. 


Slippy is for putting on and taking off of opencell and smooth skin wetsuits. The 150g Slippy unit will make 16 liters of very slippery wetsuit lubricant.

Slippy 潛水衣潤滑劑 Wetsuit Lube 150g

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